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Giving You More Options with Medical Grade Skincare

As I’ve branched into skincare and injectables, I field many enquiries regularly about skin regimens, if I know any that are worth spending on, evidence-based and what I would recommend.
As women, we feel a real pressure in a society that judges us first, by our looks. Sometimes our looks are seen as the only worthy thing about us. 

While I don’t believe this is the only thing that defines us, I know most of us want to look our best, at any age!


Additionally, I’m regularly approached by women with skin concerns that haven’t been addressed- rosacea, thin skin, adult acne, hyperpigmentation, prominent surface vessels and more.








We spend hundreds on products we often suspect don’t work because we are desperate to feel like we are doing SOMETHING. There is no escaping the fact that a woman gets comments on her looks frequently, when she looks good, and especially when she doesn’t! 

So I began looking into this, and have found two brands that I can quite confidently recommend because both are evidence-based, medical grade and I’ve been the first guinea pig, using them on myself so even if it doesn’t work for the individual woman, I know it won’t harm her and the claims aren’t dubious.


1. Aspect Dr skincare products and chemical peels range which I’ve decided to stock. I shall cover these in more detail in another post, but in summary: chemical peels for skin maintenance, pigmentation, problem skin, including rosacea and ageing.

If you’ve never had a chemical peel, and are keen to try one, keep an eye out for my “Spring Clean your Skin” promo, which came out this week and take the opportunity to try a peel on me, with any injectable spend of $500 or more.



















2. Rodan and Fields, from the USA, which launched here last month. It is formulated by the two dermatologists who created Proactiv for teenage acne, and this brand targets sun damaged skin.

I have some sample packs of these to give away to those looking for a skincare regime for their sensitive skin, to combat general ageing and who are fighting hyperpigmentation and sun damage.

The best part? All R+F regimens and products are backed by a 60 day empty bottle guarantee so you’ve literally nothing to lose. This is also a great option for those who are hesitant to try injectables, or simply don’t have the time for in-clinic appointments.

If you’d like to know more, here’s my website:

It contains a Skin Solutions Tool that’ll give you an idea of your skin needs which may help you (and me) determine which of the two will suit you better!

Questions? Email me here





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