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Frequently Asked Questions


This is a difficult question to answer as no two faces are alike. Even though we all have the same basic anatomy, there are large number of variations in human anatomy, so that one person may struggle with frown lines and another, crows feet and so on.
For this reason, it is not possible, and often misleading to advertise fixed pricing for products as it may not give you the results you are seeking, leading to disappointment.
As such, your initial consultation with me is ALWAYS complimentary and obligation free, even if you decide to go elsewhere ultimately.
I want to take the time (usually a half hour for initial consultations) to understand your concerns, take an appropriate medical history to ensure there are no reasons why you should NOT have injectables , take photos and talk you through what is possible, over what time frame and associated cost.
As a general guide, anti wrinkle treatments begin from as low as $5/ut depending on the brand used.
For fillers, depending on the area and thickness of the filler as well as expected duration of action, cost begins from $500/ml (lips) to $750/ml (cheeks)

The TGA prevents naming of specific medical grade products online so I cannot name them directly.
There are currently 3 main brands available in Australia:

  • Brand A, from the USA, which is the best known and most expensive. It is frequently seen as being the gold standard.
  • Brand D from Europe
  • Brand X from Germany, which is relatively new.

Similarly for fillers, there are several brands in use, and their efficacy and cost varies depending on these qualities.

Each brand has its pros and cons and I am happy to discuss these with you if needed.
Brand A is still considered by many to be the gold standard, being the oldest and best known brand and as such, the most costly. Many patients who have tried other brands revert to Brand A, but again, this is something we can discuss during your consultation.
Brand D is the one commonly advertised by other practitioners as treatments beginning from “as low as $4/unit” – what they fail to mention is that in order for similar results, a patient needs 3 times as much of Brand D as Brand A, so it ends up being roughly equivalent in cost.
Brand X is the new kid on the block and seems to have comparable results to Brand A.

To some degree, duration of action is dependent on many factors, including your individual anatomy, muscle strength for anti wrinkle injections and metabolism ie how quickly your body breaks down the anti wrinkle medication or filler.
As a guideline however, you can expect your anti wrinkle injections to last :
6-8 weeks for the forehead lines
3-4 months for frown lines and crows feet
4-6 months for lip fillers
Upto 12 months or longer for cheeks
Around 12 months for tear troughs, temples etc
As a general rule, the more movement in the treated area, the faster you can expect the product to wear off compared to relatively less mobile areas.
With static lines (ie lines that are present even when the muscle is at rest from years of repetitive use), you can expect these to soften and appear less prominent over time, usually by the 3rd or 4th treatment.

There are no special precautions before treatment provided there are no medical reasons you may not have treatment (discussed below).
Please arrive for your appointment without any makeup on; with your hair tied back, or with a hair tie/ band to hold hair back, both for photos and for treatment as this is still a medical procedure with a small risk of infection.
Please do not plan any facials or massages, saunas or spa treatments within the first 6-8 hours post treatment.
Please do not rub the area, or lie face down for the first few hours after treatment, nor wear makeup.
If you are taking aspirin or warfarin, please inform me of this during the initial consult so we can plan it.

Patients with a history of unstable autoimmune conditions, such as unstable thyroid problems, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, should wait until their conditions are stable.
Any patients with a history of any neuro-muscular conditions such as Guillain-Barre syndrome, Myotonic dystrophy, Multiple sclerosis etc, should avoid treatment.
Women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or planning either in the 3 months following treatment, should avoid treatments as there is lack of enough evidence that these are safe.
Women undergoing chemotherapy, who have a decline in their immunity; if they are stable, it should be ok, but please discuss this with me during your consultation. Anyone who has had permanent filler, would not be a suitable candidate for fillers.

With anti wrinkle treatment, effects will not be felt until 2-7 days after treatment so please don’t be alarmed if you don’t feel any different immediately.
Effects will take a full 2 weeks to reach maximum efficacy, and this is why I like to see my patients at 2 weeks for a followup visit – so we can take followup photos, plan treatment if the results were correct, inadequate or too much. There is no cost for this unless we undertake further treatment.
You can expect minor redness, irritation and bruising depending on the procedure being undertaken. In sensitive areas such as the eyes, bruising tends to be more common even if all due care if taken, so please don’t book these procedures in within 1-2 weeks of a big event where you need to look your best!
The effect of fillers will be noticeable immediately, with maximum results visible within 2-3 weeks of treatment, when I would like to see you and take progress photos as discussed.
As above, please do not book any sauna, spa, facials or massage within 12 hours of treatment, nor rub your face or apply makeup within 4-6 hours of treatment. If any rare side effects do occur (such as lid drooping) please contact me on the number provided and I will organise to see you ASAP.

How do I book an appointment?
I offer you several options for making appointments discreetly, and at 2 convenient locations to you.
By phone or text 0478589171

Current locations:
Fernwood Liverpool every Friday and Saturday by appointment
Castle Hill Medical Centre every alternate Saturday by appointment

As a rule, I would need to assess your individual anatomy to determine how much product you are likely to need.
However, for the female face, here is a rough guide to the minimum amount of product needed, using Brand A ($15/unit):

Glabella (frown lines) – from 20 units minimum
Non surgical brow lift for heavy/ droopy brows – from 25 units
Forehead lines – from 8-10 units
Crows feet – from 10 units each side
Drooping corners of the mouth (DAOs) – from 6 units
Chin crease – from 6 units
Smokers lines – from 4-8 units
Bunny lines – from 6 units
Gummy smile – from 6 units
Male patients will need roughly 50% more for each area as a general minimum

For filler, as a general rule, dosing to restore lost volume is approximately equivalent to one’s age ie for a female in her 20s filler to cheek would require 2mls on average; a female in her 30s, 3 mls and so on, though facial assessment is best done individually.

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