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FrownAt Skin Deep Aesthetics, we aim to be open and transparent about all aspects of your care, including an approximate price for services.

Here is a rough guide to costs associated with treatments.

We use all 3 main brands at present for wrinkle reduction. It is important for you to be aware that Brand D needs a ratio of approximately 3 times as many units to be equivalent to Brand A or Brand X.


Lip lines


Wrinkle reduction treatments require a facial assessment, which is why I encourage an obligation free consultation face to face to give an idea re costs.

Anti- wrinkle Treatments (female face; add 50% more for male faces) using Brand A at $15/unit (ie using the $4/it x3 of Brand D)

Forehead lines– 8-12 units

Frown lines– minimum 20 units

Non surgical Brow Lift – 26 units

Crows Feet – 6-12 units each side

Downturned Mouth – 6-8 units

Chin crease- 3-4 units

Gummy Smile- 4-6 units

Bunny Lines – 4-6 units

Full Upper Face– approximately 50 units

Grinding/ Facial Slimming – 50 units (25 units each side)

Most patients can expect the wrinkle reduction treatments to last 3 months or longer once the optimal dose is determined.



Fillers (age dependent; a little goes a long way in experienced hands) 

Lip filler– $550/ml

Tear Troughs– $550-600/ml

Cheek filler– $650-750/ml

Nasolabial fold $650/ml

Marionette lines $650/ml

Chin filler – $650/ml

Oftentimes, a ml of filler can be used in more than one area, e.g. 0.5ml to the lips for subtle enhancement, and the rest uses in nasolabial folds, or to enhance and lift the eyebrows etc. This, again, is why booking for an obligation free consult is best for a realistic assessment of your face, its individual anatomy and a treatment plan together with accurate cost. 

Fillers’ longevity is dependent on how mobile the treated area is – lip fillers last 4-6 months; cheeks 9-12 mths and less mobile areas such as under the eyes, temples etc, over a year. Individual results may vary.