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Marionette lines

Marionette lines

These are the downturning lines at the corners of the mouth that become more prominent over time and with age.

In conjunction with anti-wrinkle treatment to the DAOs, filler can help correct the appearance of these lines by reducing their depth and severity. Usually 1-2 mls of filler is needed to correct this area.


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  • Dr Imaan Joshi has been working as a doctor since graduation from the University of Sydney in 2001. She spent years between 2004-2011 as a surgical trainee before switching to a different speciality program for work-life balance. She is passionate about her work in Medicine and especially about procedural Medicine, and loves her work as a Cosmetic Physician. When she isn't working, she is busy focusing on an active life with her family, which includes 4 active children! Dr S Imaan Joshi BSc, MBBS, FRACGP


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