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Ask Dr Imaan


When should I start treatments?

Ask Dr Imaan: I don’t need anti wrinkle or filler treatment! Do I? Before ...

Question Time

So many injectors- what’s the difference anyway?

Ask Dr Imaan: So many places offer injectable treatments and the prices are so ...


Static Lines vs Dynamic Lines

Ask Dr Imaan : “My lines seem more obvious again. Is it time for ...


Can you do deals like X clinic?

Ask Dr Imaan- “Can you do deals like my regular clinic?” Frequently potential patients ...

Cheek filler

Why do I need a consultation if I know what I want done?

  When discussing cosmetic rejuvenation with patients, I find it is SO important to ...

Lady in her 40s

Attending review post treatments

“Why do I need to come back for a visit 2 weeks after I’ve ...

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