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Medical Treatments using Cosmetic Injectables

Medical Treatments using Cosmetic Injectables

At the time that anti wrinkle treatments were first developed, they were used for medical indications:
1. decreasing spasticity in children with Cerebral Palsy
2. helping people with cervical dystonia, a condition that affects the muscles of the neck to relax.
3. excessive sweating on the hands and underarms
4. helping people with migraine headaches etc
5. helping people with TMJ dysfunction

It was later that their use in cosmetic indications was developed, but these medicinal uses for anti wrinkle injections remain to this day and are effective.

medical treatments - sweating2
Excessive sweating in axillae
medical treatments - sweating3
Excessive hand sweating


  • Dr Imaan Joshi has been working as a doctor since graduation from the University of Sydney in 2001. She spent years between 2004-2011 as a surgical trainee before switching to a different speciality program for work-life balance. She is passionate about her work in Medicine and especially about procedural Medicine, and loves her work as a Cosmetic Physician. When she isn't working, she is busy focusing on an active life with her family, which includes 4 active children! Dr S Imaan Joshi BSc, MBBS, FRACGP


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