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Double Chin Dramas

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Double Chin Dramas

I recently undertook accreditation in the latest treatment option for permanent fat reduction under the chin.

Marketed under the different name in the USA, it has been available in Australia since February and I finally caved.

I did a brief blog post on it here and while I am still on the search for suitable models to treat at cost price, I recently did a treatment on my colleague Dr Holly of Dr Holly Cosmetics.

Here are the photos from before treatment.


Holly has thus far had 3 treatments, and I was doing her 4th using 1.5 vials of the product. She has kindly consented to allow me to use her photos.

Can you see the difference?

Before Any Treatment
Before Any Treatment
Before 4th Treatment
Before 4th Treatment

We met at my clinic in Moorebank to do treatment #4 on a Sunday morning. We marked out her anatomy after the usual prep and clean while chatting. Then we got down to business.

On the day of the forth treatment…


As expected, there can be bruising, and there could definitely be swelling and some discomfort- your fat cells are being permanently killed! This can last up to 2 weeks, and then settle in time for the next treatment at around 6 weeks, if needed.

Here are the photos from the day after.


Remember: most people will need a minimum of 2 treatments to see results, and many will need more than this amount.

The RRP for 2 treatments begins from $2500 for the 2, six weeks apart. I charge cost price of $1000 for every subsequent treatment after the first 2 for my patients.

Yes it is pricey and yes as of yet, Allergan is the only company selling this in Australia so they can set the price without much competition. BUT it is non surgical – no anaesthetic, no chin and neck braces for weeks afterwards, no time off work and lost income and time. And it is permanent.

I am still on the lookout for suitable models to treat at cost price ($1000/treatment, minimum 2 treatments paid upfront) so if you are interested and think you may qualify, get in touch (hyperlink) here.

Until next time, hope to see you in a clinic soon – I am at Castle Hill this Saturday from 10am and still have some spots so get in touch if you want to start planning for end of year festivities!



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