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Non surgical brow lift

Brow Lift
The injection points for a non surgical brow lift
The injection points for a non surgical brow lift

faceliftAs early as their 30s, some patients will begin to notice eyelid heaviness and brow heaviness such that inserting and removing contact lenses may be more difficult, makeup may smear into the eyes and they are conscious of having to use their forehead muscle to help their eyes appear more open.
In the early stages, when surgery may not be necessary and patients may wish to avoid this, a non-surgical brow lift can work wonders.
The way this is done is by injecting the glabellar complex, as with frown lines, to decrease the downward pull of these muscles on the brows in addition to small amounts of anti-wrinkle injections just under the eyebrows, to help lift the brows.
As with frown lines, this usually works around 3 months and is very well tolerated by patients.
In female patients, the minimum amount usually required of Brand A is 26 units, 20 to the glabellar complex, and another 5-6 units total to both brows.

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  • Dr Imaan Joshi has been working as a doctor since graduation from the University of Sydney in 2001. She spent years between 2004-2011 as a surgical trainee before switching to a different speciality program for work-life balance. She is passionate about her work in Medicine and especially about procedural Medicine, and loves her work as a Cosmetic Physician. When she isn't working, she is busy focusing on an active life with her family, which includes 4 active children! Dr S Imaan Joshi BSc, MBBS, FRACGP


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