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Frown lines

Frown lines

frown lines
Also known as the “angries” or the “11s”, frown lines are typically formed by two main muscle groups in the upper face, the procerus and the glabella.



The muscles involved in frowning
The muscles involved in frowning

When we frown, squint and otherwise use our muscles for facial expressions, they form frown lines that over time, become vertical lines in between our eyebrows that can give us an angry look even at rest, which can cause many patients to feel self-conscious.

Frown line injection points
Frown line injection points

Injection to the glabella complex involves injection to 5 main points, as shown below – to the procerus itself, which cause a horizontal line/ crease on the bridge of the nose over time; and the corrugaters, located above the eyebrows, which pull the skin in towards the nose.

22 units Brand A to glabella complex in 36 yo woman
The minimum dose for the glabella in women is around 20 units of Brand A and can be expected to last around 3 months, depending on the dose used, strength of the frown muscles and individual patient physiology.
For patients who have vertical static lines from years of frowning, these lines will begin to soften and eventually fade with repeated treatment with anti-wrinkle treatment, usually over a year or so.

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