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Why choose Dr Joshi?

With the vast number of cosmetic clinics that abound in every street corner what sets Skin Deep Aesthetics by Dr Joshi apart?

1. I am a qualified and registered medical practitioner.

2. All medical students spend countless hours our first year of Medical Education learning anatomy on cadavers intimately. Muscles, bones, nerves and blood supply. Normal variations.

3. I also trained in a surgical field from 2004-2011 when I switched to General Practice. I am an ex surgeon and very comfortable working with my hands and calm in the face of complications.

4. I am a doctor first- as such I have an ethical and moral obligation to not mislead patients, because I see patients, not clients. I will reject your money if I feel i cannot help you. I won’t upsell to you, nor will I promise you miracles.

5. I will be open and transparent about costs and what you can expect from my treatments. I will advise you on what I think will work best within your budget and about complications possible with each procedure.